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Goals, Strategy, and Growth

Target Outcomes

GOAL 1: Strengthen and empower the individual warrior

  • Reduce the severity of physical side-effects associated with cancer and treatment

  • Minimize the magnitude of mental side effects associated with cancer and treatment

  • Empower warriors with health and fitness knowledge to ensure long-term healthy habits

  • Facilitate relationships and sense of community so all warriors know they are not alone in their fight ​


GOAL 2: Expand program reach

  • Recruit warriors across the U.S., regardless of access to a workout facility

  • Recruit warriors across all communities regardless of economic status

  • Allow immunocompromised warriors to engage in expert-led, real-time training sessions from the safety of their own homes


GOAL 3: Grow knowledge and research in the field

  • Provide credible resources and support systems for those undergoing treatment in cancer care facilities

  • Expand the knowledge of the impact of physical activity during and after cancer treatment

virtual exercise for cancer survivors and cancer warriors
group fitness for cancer survivors

Our Roadmap

  • Provide training that focuses on progressive, individualized improvement in key wellness areas: cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, and a healthy body weight

  • Deliver real-time coaching, modifications, and feedback 

  • Facilitate open discussion to share success stories and resources

  • Offer online sessions that allow warriors to participate from anywhere

  • Charge minimal fees on a "pay-what-you-can" basis, with no warrior being turned away

  • Seek partnerships with hospitals, treatment centers, and other cancer-focused nonprofit organizations

Foundational Pillars

  • STRENGTH – physical wellness and ability to endure short- and long-term side effects of treatment

  • SPIRIT – mental toughness resulting from regular physical activity and increased quality of life

  • COURAGE – empowerment through education and support

  • CONNECTION – sense of belonging to a group of individuals who share in the same fight

yoga for cancer

We believe in you, and we're here to prove it.

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