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Warrior Profiles

Meet Rachel.

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Story by Allison Goldsmith


March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and we would love for you to meet Rachel Howard, a colon cancer survivor, current warrior and vice-chairperson for The Aunt Sister Project’s board of directors. 


As a retired nonprofit executive director, founder of nonprofit consulting firm; Riverhouse Consulting, and a licensed social worker who holds certificates in nonprofit board consulting and leadership coaching for organizational development, Rachel is the perfect choice for vice-chairperson. She is the master at helping new nonprofit organizations jump start their mission and is, “very excited to be present at the birth of ASP.” 


Not only does Rachel provide invaluable insight and development to the organization as vice-chairperson, but she also trains as a warrior to regain her physical strength, take care of her mental and emotional health, upkeep her functionality and maintain her quality of life. 


When asked how ASP has changed her life, she replied, “the benefits of being part of the program will impact every aspect of your life, from mental and physical health to stamina, mood, and outlook...ASP keeps you accountable to yourself and others. It is about respecting what your body is going through and supporting your body’s feelings...I believe in the mission and want to see ASP flourish.” 

Meet Kris.

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Story by Allison Goldsmith


Kris Rogers is a current Aunt Sister Warrior, breast cancer survivor, and advocate for exercising with a community of likeminded people. Kris explains that on her road to recovery, “The Aunt Sister Project helped me pace myself, expertly figured out how to connect me to the right people, set the course for not being afraid of what came next, and reworked my strength and flexibility.”  


When asked what advice she would give to a person interested in joining the ASP training program, Kris says, “even if you’re not sure, it’s really worth it to jump in and give things a try...It’s not just a class that you turn on, it keeps me motivated and excited. I look at life in a new way.” 


Today, Kris is an active warrior in the ongoing graduate training program. She loves to spend time with her grandchildren, and volunteers in her neighborhood garden. 

Meet Mark.

Sept 30 Mark pic.jpeg

Story by Amy McGugan

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we would love for you to meet a very special Aunt Sister Warrior, Mark! Mark is a prostate cancer survivor, current Warrior graduate and retired high school teacher from New York, NY.

Mark joined the program in July of 2021, and hasn’t looked back since. He says he “feels better and stronger since he has joined the Aunt Sister Project, and thinks more clearly since his arrival.” 

When asked what advice he would give to an incoming Aunt Sister Warrior, Mark advises to “do the program regularly, find exercises that you feel most comfortable performing, and ensure that you have nutritious and healthy meals.” He assures that anyone who participates in the program will “feel better, have more discipline, and live better, as exercise is truly the best medicine.”

Today, Mark is still an active Warrior in our graduate program, with high hopes of traveling soon to his favorite location, Peru, or perhaps to his son who currently resides in Australia. 

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