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Progressive Group Training

Everyone has to start somewhere, so we’re setting  you up for success with a program tailored to YOUR needs! Each of our 8-week progressive programs focus on total body fitness.  Upon completion, warriors will then have the option to join our Graduate program. All participants are urged to commit to twice-weekly workouts for eight weeks.


Not sure where to start? Email us to set up a time to chat!

April/May 2023 Group Training Schedule

All times listed are Eastern Time 

Eight-week Series 

April 4 - May 27

Tuesday at 7 pm

Saturday at 10 am

All warriors receive a one-on-one intake session. View the packet here:

group fitness for cancer survivors



  • Anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime (age 18+)

  • All fitness levels (medical clearance required)



  • Progressive individualized small group training

  • Total body fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility, breath, and mobility



  • Two sessions per week 

  • 8-week commitment; new groups starting monthly


  • Virtual sessions via Zoom on any smart device or PC



  • Exercise makes a positive impact no matter where you are in your fitness journey

  • Regular physical activity is shown to increase energy levels and minimize negative side effects of cancer and treatment



  • Progressive Groups - $40 monthly ($5 per class)

  • Graduate Group - $10 - $15 per class (pay what you can)

  • Scholarships available! Contact us for more information.



  • All participants receive a private introductory session prior to the first class to discuss health history, goals, and expectations 

  • A complimentary set of resistance bands is provided upon registration

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