Progressive Group Training

Everyone has to start somewhere, so we’re providing something for every fitness level and ability! Each of our four-week progressive programs focuses on total body fitness.  Warriors may move from one group to the next each month or join our Graduate program when the time is right. All participants are urged to commit to twice-weekly workouts for four weeks.


Not sure where to start? Email us to figure out which group is right for you!

Fitness Ladies


  • Anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime (age 18+)

  • All fitness levels (medical clearance required)



  • Progressive individualized small group training

  • Total body fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility, breath, and mobility



  • Two sessions per week 

  • Four-week commitment; new classes starting monthly


  • Virtual sessions via Zoom on any smart device or PC



  • Exercise makes a positive impact no matter where you are in your fitness journey

  • Regular physical activity is shown to increase energy levels and minimize negative side effects of cancer and treatment



  • Progressive Groups - $40 monthly ($5 per class)

  • Graduate Group - $10 - $15 per class

  • Scholarships available!



  • All participants receive a private introductory session prior to the first class to discuss health history, goals, and expectations 

  • A complimentary set of resistance bands is provided upon registration