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What Warriors are Saying.

Passion Led Us Here

“I enjoyed the workout yesterday. I thought it was great for you to show a couple different levels and have the chair/wall option at the same time behind you. This makes it available to any level. My shoulders have been bothering me…they felt much better after the workout. I was not very excited before the workout since it has been so long since I worked out and had never done the on-line version. I am now anxious to do another one next Tuesday.” - Ed, 2020 Warrior

“I so enjoyed the class today.  I really like the circuit format and found it very interesting to hear that participants like a ‘bite-sized’ approach to a workout.  It was a fun and challenging workout and well-cued.  I learned a lot from you today and I look forward to participating in Tuesday’s class.” - Madelyn, 2020 Warrior

“I am a cancer survivor and am now afflicted with Rheumatoid arthritis. I followed Ashley's program during the summer. I was at first concerned I would not be able to participate due to mobility issues, but Ashley provided modifications, which I was able to follow. I had wonderful results. I was able to do all the exercises and felt better after. This helped me tremendously, both emotionally and physically. ” - Debbie, 2020 Warrior


“Ashley’s virtual exercise program was a benefit to me both physically and emotionally. I have battled multiple cancers in the past and went to the gym twice a week to work with a personal trainer. When the gym was closed in March I was on my own. I really missed the twice a week workout with my personal trainer. For a while I did some exercises on my own but there was no feedback, and eventually I just stopped doing them. Great experience!” - Marilyn, 2020 Warrior


“I’ve known Ashley for many years, and she is just an all-around great person. Now I am a stage 4 cancer patient, and Ashley has shown that not only is she a great trainer, but she is caring and invested in helping people improve their health. She never skips a beat on being on time and always has a personalized plan for each workout session. She is a great motivator and mentor, and I would highly recommend using her knowledge to become stronger not just physically but mentally as well.” - Stephanie, 2020 Warrior



“The program was well balanced with elements encompassing a thorough warm-up, cardio and core strengthening. Also, having a colleague to demonstrate options was helpful; Ashley also provided alternative options during the session.” - Barbara, 2020 Warrior

“The ASP workouts keep me motivated. It is great to be able to do these from home. So happy this is available to cancer survivors.” - Ed, Warrior Graduate

“Working individually with Ash has been amazing. She's patient and understanding of my limitations yet knows when to push me out of my comfort zone so I can continue to progress. She's immensely knowledgeable and experienced, and equally caring and supportive. I couldn't ask for a better trainer!” - Beth, PT Warrior

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