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Advisory Team

Cancer Exercise Specialist

Allison Goldsmith, Fitness Specialist and Social Media Strategist

Allison is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, senior fitness specialist and Barre instructor. She holds a B.A. in communications from Hofstra University and is Director of Social Media for S. Feldman Housewares in New York, NY. Allison is very excited and humbled to be a part of the Aunt Sister Project.

AVN Headshot .jpg

Amanda Van Nostrand, Social Media Strategist

Amanda is a writer and comedian based in Brooklyn, NY. As a fitness enthusiast, Amanda believes in the power of exercise as it benefits the mind and body, and she is honored to be participating in the Aunt Sister Project's startup initiative. As a person who has struggled with mental health, she understands the positive effects exercise has on the body, both as preventative medicine and continued maintenance during a time when we all find ourselves increasingly isolated. Amanda is an advocate of human connection and communication and fiercely supports ASP's mission.

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Dustin Lentz, Financial Advisor and Strategist

Dustin has over 18 years’ experience in the finance and wealth management fields. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and is a CFP® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, APMA® Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor℠, and CRPC® Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠. Dustin is a Private Wealth Advisor and Managing Partner at Stoutheart Financial Group, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, and has led finance and fundraising efforts for several nonprofits. Dustin is the older brother of ASP Founder Ashley Lentz, so he has witnessed first-hand the love, kindness, and humanitarianism that Aunt Sister brought to every situation. He understands the importance of and need for this type of program, and is excited to help carry out the legacy of Aunt Sister.

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Kris Rogers, Educator and Cancer Survivor

Kris Rogers is an educator and mentor, giving time to community service and helping people amplify their own voices. She is a former elementary school teacher, has directed children's religious programming, and was the founding director of a political fellowship. Kris is married to Lynn Rogers, currently the Kansas State Treasurer. Their family includes five adult children, three grandchildren, and a host of others she loves and mentors. In 2017, Kris completed treatment for breast cancer and is currently cancer free. She met Ashley in 2012, on her last day of radiation therapy, and credits Ash with helping her to reimagine her life, providing the tools she needed to move forward physically, emotionally, and relationally. Kris prioritizes connecting with others to create opportunities and encourage diverse conversations for empowerment to make needed changes at pivotal points in their lives.

Mel headshot.jpg

Melissa Gutierrez, Healer and Wellness Specialist

For 15 years, Melissa has been successfully connecting people to their greatest power…their Intuition. She's a practicing witch, yoga teacher, personal trainer, energy healer, author, and scientific-minded body researcher, who believes in the realness of magical practices. Her research and continuing education include neuro-science, advanced anatomy, physiology, eastern medicine modalities, and witchcraft. Melissa creates individualized programs to help people-even when they didn’t think they could be helped.

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Natalie Brock, Educator and Fitness Administrator

Natalie works as an associate 3rd-grade teacher and part-time fitness administrator. Natalie grew up in Georgia, where she started her own Etsy shop to raise funds to fulfill her dream to move to New York. After graduating with a degree in Theatre Education, and a minor in Business, Natalie made her move. Since moving to NYC, Natalie has worked in many capacities for a variety of theatrical companies and Off-Broadway productions, including Blue Man Group and The Big Apple Circus. Natalie has lost close friends and family members to cancer and continues to support others in their battles. She strives to help others through education, management, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Natalie has lost over 100 pounds on her fitness journey and looks forward to seeing what's next!

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