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Warrior Profile

Meet Kris.

Story by Allison Goldsmith


Kris Rogers is a current Aunt Sister warrior, breast cancer survivor, and advocate for exercising with a community of likeminded people. Rogers explains that on her road to recovery, “The Aunt Sister Project helped me pace myself, expertly figured out how to connect me to the right people, set the course for not being afraid of what came next, and reworked my strength and flexibility.”  


When asked what advice she would give to a person interested in joining the ASP training program, Rogers says, “even if you’re not sure, it’s really worth it to jump in and give things a try...It’s not just a class that you turn on, it keeps me motivated and excited. I look at life in a new way.” 


Today, Rogers is an active warrior in the ongoing graduate training program. She loves to spend time with her grandchildren, and volunteers in her neighborhood garden. 

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