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No equipment.

All fitness levels.

Open to the public.

$30 donation per class.


All proceeds will go directly towards providing fitness programs to cancer warriors and survivors across the U.S. 


Try just one class or sign up for all of them! 

November 23, 2021 - January 8, 2022

Tuesday 11/23 @ 7pm

Bodyweight Bootcamp with Ash Lentz

Moderate to high intensity

Total body strength and conditioning. Five circuits with varied intensities and interval lengths. Sequences include timed full body movements with progressions and burnout exercises. Get ready to burn a ton of calories!

No equipment required. A mat is recommended.

strength 2.jpg

Wednesday 12/1 @ 7 pm

Yoga with Abby Kaufmann

All levels

Join Abby for a breath centered,

semi-restorative Yoga class. You will do

a variety of breathing practices and also explore poses that will leave you feeling both relaxed and gently energized. No previous experience with Yoga needed. A Yoga mat or carpet is recommended. If you prefer not to be

on the floor, please join us with a chair. 

Abby headshot.jpg

Saturday 12/11 @ 9:30 am

Core Conditioning with Allison Goldsmith

All levels

During this core-focused class, you’ll

focus on more  than just your abs. You’ll work deep core stabilizing muscles while improving balance and posture. All fitness levels are welcome. This class includes exercises both on

and off the floor. No equipment is required. A mat or towel is recommended.

Ali 1.jpeg

Saturday 12/18 @ 10 am

Tabata Circuit with Dianna Standard

Moderate to high intensity

Cardio and strength in one workout! HIIT is traditionally a series of high intensity drills with  minimal rest. You’ll keep your heart rate elevated  while performing various

bodyweight exercise combinations which focus on total body strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility.

DIS2 (2).jpg

Wednesday 12/22 @ 8 pm

Body-Centric Meditation

with Melissa Gutierrez

All levels

During this class, you’ll discover your body’s ability to create the experience you want in life. You’ll cleanse yourself of stress and leave feeling renewed. All fitness levels welcome.


Tuesday 12/28 @ 6 pm

Barre Experience with Marcy Simon

All levels


Plie, point, lift, and lengthen with grace and fluidity. Barre combines ballet-inspired elements of dance, yoga, core, and strength training all into one. This low-impact, full body workout targets arms, legs, glutes, and abs by focusing on small, precise movements that create balance and control through flowing sequences. A mat, towel, and chair are needed.  A light set of hand weights is recommended.

marcy pic.png

Saturday 1/9 @ 10 am

Team Strength with Ash Lentz

Moderate to high intensity

Total body strength (think STRONG

and LEAN, not BULKY). You will perform slow and controlled  exercises that focus on muscular strength and endurance, mobility and lifting technique. This class is slower paced but by no means will your heart rate be low. One dumbbell or kettlebell is recommended

but not required.

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